Ravda - Aura Hotel - Contacts

P.O. Box 8238,
24 Morski Zvutsi Str.,
village of Ravda,
Nesebar municipality.

Radostinka Vasileva
GSM: +359897834159
It is a true pleasure to welcome the morning on the beach and breathe the iodine vapours, and then have a cup of hot drink with a newspaper in the hotel bar. Discreet intelligent music, smiling personnel, cozy atmosphere, good cuisine and original cocktails as well as the wonderful Bulgarian beers and wines are like rendezvous with heaven. If you want to sit surrounded by the fragrance of the flowers and still keep in sight the sea waves! Your children can stay on the beach without you, because there are life-guards and also because the first 15-20 meters the water is shallow. It is convenient, isnít? Donít wait!

W E L C O M E !